RDR2 Online Hack V0.5– Released!

RDR2 Online Hack V0.5 – Released! – 11/10/2018

No features added in this version, just some stability issues that needed to be resolved from v0.3, currently no issues with this version all hacks are working 100% and no bans reported in v0.4 so far so good. Added an auto-update check when starting the client, if there is a new version detected on our servers you will be prompted to accept and update, this requires you to have the game closed and if it is open the update will fail.

– Stability issues resolved from v.0.3
– Auto-Update check added to client
– Download updates right from the client, no need to visit the website
– Automatically block the game from accessing the internet when the money hack is used in offline mode.
– Fixed the crash that would happen when you used no-reload and no-recoil at the same time.
– Disabled the god mode hack in online as it would occasionally kick you from the server (will be fixed in v0.6 we have it working but it did not make it on this release)

Visit the Download page to download the latest version!

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