RDR2 Online Hack V0.7 – Released!

RDR2 Online Hack V0.7 – Released! – 11/17/2018

Re-enabled the unlockables tab and added a few new items, also added an update for thanksgiving, wont spoil it on here you’ll just have to download the client and see.

– Enabled the unlockables tab  (see above)
– Fixed some minor bugs
– Added the ability to set the distance on the Red Dead 2 Wall Hack so you don’t see players names across the map.
– Added the ability to set horse speed (be careful if you choose to use this in online as players will be able to report you.)
– Added some more security features.
– Fixed issues where certain hacks would not enable the first time you clicked the apply button on PS4.

Visit the Download page to download the latest version!

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